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All Souls' Sacred Earth Wheel

An outdoor circle of stones, built by Gathering members in June 2003, the Sacred Earth Wheel is a place to connect with the Earth’s energy, where you can access deep intuitive guidance, send energy to the Earth and receive its peaceful blessings.



Possible Ways to Walk the Sacred Earth Wheel

There is no right or wrong way to walk.

Walk either clockwise or counter clockwise the perimeter and enter where ever you are drawn to.
Walk the inside circle clockwise or counter clockwise.
Enter the Wheel using the chart. Review it to see if there is an issue you are currently working on. Let yourself be drawn to a particular stone. Then enter and stand by, sit, or touch that rock. Do whatever feels right at the moment.
Simply stand or sit in on the center stone (The Creator Stone).

Four Directions
Adapted from Billy Mills, Wokini



Where the sun rises.  Symbolizes beginning, joy, spontaneity, purity, birth & trust.

A time to observe. Spring.



Where the sun is at its highest point.  Symbolizes fullness, generosity, loyalty, kindness and passionate involvement in the world. 

A time to look what’s coming.  Summer.



What bring the darkness of night.  Teaches spirituality.  It symbolizes silence, fasting, reflection, contemplation and humility. 

A time to let go.  Fall.



Where the cold brings snow. 

Teaches to analyze, understand, speculate and be wise.

A time to face issues. Winter.


Sacred Earth Wheel Diagram & Key

1.   Creator Stone
2.   Earth Mother
3.   Father Sun
4.   Grandmother Moon
5.   Earth Element
6.   Water Element
7.   Fire Element
8.   Air Element
9.   South
10. West
11. North
12. East
13. Cancer
14. Leo
15. Virgo
16. Libra
17. Scorpio
18. Sagittarius
19. Capricorn
20. Aquarius
21. Pisces
22. Aries
23. Taurus
24. Gemini
25. Growth
26. Trust
27. Love
28. Experience
29. Introspection
30. Strength

31. Cleansing
32. Renewal
33. Purity
34. Clarity
35. Wisdom
36. Illumination

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