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Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation 
(in person and on Zoom)
Every Sunday 9am - 10am
Please click here to join us online.

Our mission is to create a service that allows for people to cultivate inner peace and inspire connection to Divine Source.

Our Meditation Leaders

Don Chatfield.jpg

Rev. Don Chatfield, Ph.D.

Lead Pastor

Interfaith minister Rev. Don Chatfield has been teaching meditation for 15 years and enjoys helping others to enjoy the benefits of contemplation. Don teaches how to realize health, mental, and spiritual benefits from a regular meditation practice.  Over the years he has studied with meditation teachers to learn Buddhist, Sufi, Hindu, Christian, Celtic and Native styles of contemplation.

Barbara Benton

Rev. Barbara Benton


Barbara weaves poetry, music, and short personal reflections on the natural world or life in general into her Meditation Services to encourage a deeper inner experience of the present moment and a flowering into the possibility of how we can change the world to make it a better place for all beings.

Untitled design.jpg

John Howe

Meditation Leader

John came to his meditation practice late in life. After a half century of wandering attention and
pursuing happiness in transient things John found a degree of inner calmness in daily
meditation. Attending the Sunday Morning Mediation at All Souls became the foundation for
building and sustaining his practice.

Kim Glynn.jpg

Rev. Kim Marie Glynn


Kim Marie encourages self exploration and believes meditation is a way to find and tap into our own deep inner soul wisdom which will lead the way.


Rev. Michael Muzzy


Michael’s spirituality is Advaitic in nature drawing on the mystical teachings of enlightened beings from all faith traditions and times. Michael believes that meditation allows us to practice control of our attention in order to strengthen our ability to commune directly with God.

doug stern.jpeg

Doug Stern

Meditation Leader

Coming from a Buddhist and Yogic background in meditation, Doug believes strongly in daily practice as a means to maintain a healthy relationship with our mind and spirit. Using simple techniques to quiet our inner dialogue and land deeper into Now, Doug’s style balances gentle guiding with periods of prolonged silence.  His goal is to assist us all in living with peace and mindfulness.

Maris Rose Photo.png

Maris Rose

Meditation Leader

Maris practices an open heart meditation. She finds the open heart to be a place of deep connection to our divine source.  In our shared morning meditation, Maris shares reflections, readings, and heart centered breathing to facilitate that connection.

Diana Vachon.jpg

Diana Vachon

Meditation Leader

Diana uses a variety of techniques and qigong to facilitate a deeper connection to the Earth, our Self, and the Divine.  Offering the opportunity to expand our awareness as we hold the space for each other while she serves our community with peace and love. 

Dick and Donna Peabody.jpeg

Dick and Donna Peabody

Meditation Leaders

 Our practice has been inspired by a number of Buddhist teachers over the years.  We believe meditation is a life long path leading to acceptance and connection to one’s inner and outer world.

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