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Volunteer Opportunities at All Souls!

Music & Spirit Sunday Services
Every Sunday 5pm - 6pm

We now have a new process for volunteers looking to help with Music & Spirit.  We would love to have you be a part of building this amazing community. Look for our sign up sheets in the Sanctuary Lobby next time you're here for a service!

Sing in the All Souls Choir!

Interested in singing with the All Souls Choir?  Please contact Tammy Saltus at!

Scrap booking Volunteers Needed!

Is cataloguing and preserving photos and clippings your thing?  Help us preserve All Souls history in an artful form! If this calls to you, please contact Tammy Saltus at to sign up!

Social Media Helper!

As All Souls grows we are looking for social media savvy helpers to assist with our outreach via our online/electronic channels.  Please contact Tammy Saltus at if interested!

COTS Sandwiches

Every first and third Thursday of the month.  Come help assemble sandwiches at All Souls.  For more information on how to help, please contact Tammy Saltus at

Maintain All Souls Sacred Spaces

Help to care for the All Souls Labyrinth and Sacred Earth Wheel for all to enjoy.  For more information on how to help, please contact Tammy Saltus at

Green Team

Be part of the All Souls team that focuses on being 'green.'  From general sustainability practices to spreading awareness on environmental stewardship, the All Souls Green Team is always open to new members. For more information please contact Lell Forehand at

Library Volunteers

All Souls would love to have your help!  We are home to over 800 books on everything from spirituality, practice, world religion, to mindfulness and children's books.  Interested in helping out?  Please contact Tammy Saltus at

- We are currently looking for help to dust and put away returned books. 

- We are also looking for someone who would like to pick out books in advance that are relevant to the topics of our Sunday evening services.

Thank you to Carol Castle who has been our long-standing volunteer that catalogues new books and inputting them into our online Library Catalogue.

Community Outreach

Help to spread the All Souls word!  We at All Souls always have fun events, services, classes and programs going on and need you to help get that word out into the community.  Join our outreach team by contacting Tammy Saltus at


Events Volunteers

Help out at various events and All Souls offerings ranging from concerts, talks, workshop, etc.  Join our events volunteer team by contacting Tammy Saltus at


Outside All Souls

Additionally we are looking for volunteers to help out at our community partner SCHIPS.  For more information contact Tammy Saltus at

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