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All Souls' Labyrinth


Did you know that All Souls has it's very own seven circuit Cretan style Layrinth?



About All Soul's Labyrinth

Our labyrinth was built and dedicated in 2000.  It is a seven circuit Cretan Labyrinth; 80 feet in diameter with 3 foot walking paths that are accessible for people with physical challenges.  The paths correspond to the chakras or energy centers in the body and are numbered starting with the outside path as number one and continue to the center.

So... Just what is a labyrinth?


One of the oldest contemplative tools used for centuries for prayer, ritual, initiation, personal and spiritual growth, the Labyrinth is a circular path that leads to the center and back out again -- It is not a maze.

Use the Labyrinth to take a breath, connect with your body, your soul and your heart; turning inward allows the mind to relax.


All Souls' Labyrinth

How to navigate the labyrinth.

As you enter and exit the Labyrinth make some form of gesture acknowledging your walk.

Become aware of your breath. Clear your mind. If you choose, you may focus on an issue you need to resolve.

Walk as quickly or as slowly as you like. Allow your body to find it’s own pace.

The path is two ways, going into the center and out again. People walking back out from the center will be walking toward you as everyone walks the same path in and out. Don’t worry, you are not going in the wrong direction.

If other people are walking the labyrinth you may “pass” people or let them step around you, which ever is easiest

Feel free to stop and touch or stand by trees and rocks. You may also sit on one of the five flat rocks in the center of the Labyrinth. Do what feels natural.

There are no “shoulds.” Do whatever seems right. Whatever thoughts and feelings you have are the ones you are meant to have during this walk.



Three Stages Of The Walk

As you walk to center - Releasing: A time of shedding, letting go, surrendering, and opening

In the center - Illumination: Receiving Spirit’s light and/or touching the light within

Walking out from the center - Integration: Bringing insight, light and gifts into the world



Other Uses for the Labyrinth’s Sacred Space

Celebrate rites of passage, birthdays, baptisms, and ordinations

Conduct services and healing rites

Mark the passage from childhood to adolescence

Mourn losses: loved ones, animals, job, etc.

Welcome in a new stage of life, a new job, a new relationship

Celebrate the passage of the season at solstices, equinoxes and new moons


by Leslie Takahashi Morris

Walk the maze
within your heart: guide your steps into its questioning curves.
This labyrinth is a puzzle leading you deeper into your own truths.
Listen in the twists and turns.
Listen in the openness within all searching.
Listen: a wisdom within you calls to a wisdom beyond you and in that dialogue lies peace.

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