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Our mission is to create a service that allows for people to cultivate inner peace and inspire connection to Divine Source.

Music plays a major role in Music & Spirit because we believe that it provides a special spiritual connection. Along with music, the services combine spiritual readings and reflections on world issues and personal values, as well as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Native American beliefs and sacred texts. Spiritual healing is quietly woven throughout the service. Gathering members are welcome to light a candle to commemorate a prayer or event.

Upcoming Services

May Services Theme:

Magic of the Mud


No Mud? No Lotus!

Sunday, May 16 | 5pm - 6pm

In person & on Facebook Live

The lotus is among the most beautiful and delicate flowers on the planet.  Yet, the lotus is born in those deep, dark muddy places that seem to hold no beauty.  On our spiritual path, what can we learn from the lotus as we emerge from the muck and claim our magnificence?  Rev. Chatfield considers teachings from various traditions to guide us. Music TBA 



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Guest Speaker Duncan Murdock

Sunday, May 23 | 5pm - 6pm

In person & on Facebook Live


How do we connect deeper with nature? Duncan Murdock will shed light on the power of the senses and remind us how earth can bring us greater clarity when we feel stuck in the mud and muck of life. Let us open together to nature's connection. To learn more about Duncan Murdock visit About Nature Connection Guide- Forest Immersion Therapy




Grounding Grace

Sunday, May 30 | 5pm - 6pm

In person & on Facebook Live

How do you find grounding? Rev. Kim Marie will encourage all to explore what it means to ground and electrically re-connect us to the earth within several spiritual traditions. Please bring a small amount of mud to this service to use in a ritual. We will also have some onsite, but wonderful to bring your own. Music TBD.