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Our mission is to create a service that allows for people to cultivate inner peace and inspire connection to Divine Source.

Music plays a major role in Music & Spirit because we believe that it provides a special spiritual connection. Along with music, the services combine spiritual readings and reflections on world issues and personal values, as well as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Native American beliefs and sacred texts. Spiritual healing is quietly woven throughout the service. Gathering members are welcome to light a candle to commemorate a prayer or event.

Upcoming Services

September Services Theme:
Textures of Truth


Tracking My Truth

Sunday, September 26 | 5pm - 6pm

In person & on Facebook Live

How do we know what’s true for us when so much of the world around us has deep influence on us? Rev. Kim Marie will be reflecting on how we track our own truth and peel off the layers of conditioning around us to be in our truest nature. Music by All Souls Music Director Ronnie Romano.