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Our mission is to create a service that allows for people to cultivate inner peace and inspire connection to Divine Source.

Music plays a major role in Music & Spirit because we believe that it provides a special spiritual connection. Along with music, the services combine spiritual readings and reflections on world issues and personal values, as well as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Native American beliefs and sacred texts. Spiritual healing is quietly woven throughout the service. Gathering members are welcome to light a candle to commemorate a prayer or event.

Upcoming Services

June Services Theme:
Water and Wonder


Harmony and Flow (Stewardship Sunday)

Sunday, June 20 | 5pm - 6pm

In person & on Facebook Live

When water faces an obstacle, it just flows around it.  It doesn’t become angry or upset.  Water always finds a solution without force or conflict.  Rev. Chatfield considers spiritual teaching that can help us focus on the things we can control, while relaxing into the flow.  Music by Ronnie Romano, pianist, organist, and conductor. Ronnie has been involved with five musical theater productions including an Off-Broadway project.  He has studied choral conducting and completed an intensive in Paris with the European American Musical Alliance. 


We are Water!

Sunday, June 27 | 5pm - 6pm

In person & on Facebook Live

Since our bodies are over 60% water we ourselves are water! Water is life! Rev. Kim Marie will share techniques to teach us how to unpollute our own water within and inspire us to also take care of the life and waters outside of us. Please feel free to bring a cup of water from a nearby source as an offering for a ritual. Music by Melanie Blackbird Sroka sings, plays piano and guitar, and dabbles in all sorts of creative musical endeavors. A love of the Earth permeates all her original songwriting and she is blessed in experiences in a multitude of styles. Original music, Jazz, Classical, Reggae, Blues and Beyond...