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Our mission is to create a service that allows for people to cultivate inner peace and inspire connection to Divine Source.

Music plays a major role in Music & Spirit because we believe that it provides a special spiritual connection. Along with music, the services combine spiritual readings and reflections on world issues and personal values, as well as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Native American beliefs and sacred texts. Spiritual healing is quietly woven throughout the service. Gathering members are welcome to light a candle to commemorate a prayer or event.

Upcoming Services

February Services
Theme: For the Beauty of the Earth

Tending Inner Beauty

Sunday, February 28 | 5pm - 6pm
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Outer beauty is not always a sign that beauty exists within.  We’ve all experienced a fruit or vegetable that appears lovely, but is rotten to the core.  In a culture obsessed with outer appearances, it’s easy to neglect our own inner beauty.  In this service, we explore the importance of caring for inner beauty.   Music by Ronnie Romano, pianist, organist, and conductor. Ronnie has been involved with five musical theater productions including an Off-Broadway project.  He has studied choral conducting and completed an intensive in Paris with the European American Musical Alliance. 

March Services
Theme: Nature Nurtures

Giving & Grace of the Wild

Sunday, March 7 | 5pm - 6pm
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How are you soothed by nature? What is it that nurtures you the most and how can you give back in sacred reciprocity all nature gives to you? We will be exploring these themes along with our inner WILD true nature that also is gracefully balanced and holy whole.  Service with Rev. Kim Marie Glynn.  Pat Lambdin is a music therapist and musician who currently lives in Montpelier. His music carries the sentiments of the soul. His music can be found at patlambdin.bandcamp.com


Where Are You Rooted?

Sunday, March 14 | 5pm - 6pm
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As nature prepares for the new growth spring, the place a bush or tree is rooted makes an enormous difference in its health.  But wherever they are, they will bloom where they are planted.  Drawing the teachings of several spiritual traditions, Rev. Chatfield explores our spiritual roots and how we can be prepared to blossom with vigor.  Music by Kaimana Lovawolf. 

Kaimana came home to their own nature through the sensitivity of the heart, which can be heard in their lyrics and sound. They hope to inspire others to connect inwardly and contribute to the good vibrations. You can hear more of their music at Kaimana.Lovawolf.Music and lovawolf.bandcamp.com 


Food from the Past

Sunday, March 21 | 5pm - 6pm
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Do you remember those gorgeous leaves from last autumn?  They are now providing nourishment for the trees as they decompose back into the earth.  Pastor Don explores the teachings of spiritual traditions to learn how that which has gone before us can feed us today -  from ancestors to animals to earth formations.  The music of Raphael Groten is about heart connection, the mind of peace, and the vibration of wonder. His musical influences span the globe, from classical and sacred music, to the roots of the Americas and the sounds of the East. Raphael Groten


Letting the Sap Flow

Sunday, March 28 | 5pm - 6pm
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Tree sap is a bit like blood flowing inside the human body.  It flows through the outer tree trunk, delivering nutrients to the entire tree.  Scientists believe that sap's main purpose is to provide nutrients for new leaves. Rev. Chatfield explores the lifeblood of our spiritual lives.  What gives you nourishment for new growth and how can you keep it flowing?  Melanie Blackbird Sroka sings, plays piano and guitar, and dabbles in all sorts of creative musical endeavors. A love of the Earth permeates all her original songwriting and she is blessed in experiences in a multitude of styles.