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All Souls School of Spiritual Direction

Now accepting applications for Sept 2021!

The All Souls Interfaith School of Spiritual Direction is an interspiritual course of study for those called to provide spiritual companionship or those who are yearning for answers to their spiritual questions and want to do something meaningful with this yearning.

Encompassing the beliefs of Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and many other faiths, the school is open to ordained and non-ordained persons. Students participate in two years of class sessions, both didactic and experiential. Spiritual leaders from many disciplines make up the faculty and share their insights, wisdom, and experiences. One important aspect of the school is the development of a community of participants who learn together and support one another. Classes are held monthly on the second Saturday of the month. The program includes a required weekend retreat each year. The school meets at All Souls Interfaith Gathering at 291 Bostwick Farm Road, in Shelburne, Vermont (unless COVID protocols require virtual meetings).

For the full details please download the application below!