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NECN Excerpt on All Souls

(NECN: Jack Thurston, Burlington, Vt.)

At All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne, Vt., pastor Mary Abele said she has seen an increase in people attending her 6-year-old non-denominational center. Abele noted that many left more rigid churches. "They're looking for something else," Abele told NECN. "They're looking for a way to feel spirit without being told how to worship." At All Souls, Abele said the community finds a connection to the divine without dogma. Many embrace nature as a path to spirituality. "People can take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and put together something that's really meaningful for them," Abele explained. Abele said she knows demanding careers, chores, and activities like children's sports will always make it hard for some to go to church on the weekends. She predicted that making services relevant and accessible will continue to challenge places of worship all over the country.

View the full video here.

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