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Events at All Souls Interfaith Gathering

All Souls is open to hosting and sponsoring events and groups that are in alignment with our Mission and Vision and fall within our four pillars of Spirit, Music, Environment, and Community

I am interested in having my event at All Souls!  What next?

First, fill out an application form (click here).
All Souls will review your request to determine if it is in alignment with our broader community offerings.  If it is in alignment we will proceed either as a 'Hosted event' or a 'Sponsored event'.
Determine the type of event.
Hosted events are events in which the facilitator is simply looking for a space to hold their offering and will handle their event entirely on their own.  There will be a flat fee for usage of the building.  Facility fees will vary depending on the type of event, which parts of the building will be used, the duration of the event, etc. 
Sponsored events are events in which the facilitator and All Souls partner equally and collaborate in the event creation, set up, marketing, selling of tickets, etc.  There is no fee for use of the building and event revenue will also be split equally.  All Souls enjoys these types of collaboration events and is excited to create more community through these offerings.
With sponsored events, All Souls typically works at least 3 months out for any of our events to make sure there is ample time for marketing.
Event Agreement
All Souls will create a written agreement that will list out the details of the event including any pricing or fees, if they are applicable. 
The facilitator will review the agreement, sign, and return either by snail mail or electronically.  If there is a facility fee, please mail that to us at:
All Souls Interfaith Gathering
P.O. Box 1124
Shelburne, VT 05482

Do you still have questions?

For additional assistance, please contact All Souls at or 802.985.3819, Ext 101.

​​Please note if you are looking to host your memorial or life celebration, there is a separate application for that.  You may find that information here.


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