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Mariko's Cheat Sheet Part 2

Checklist for Marketing

Sponsored Event:

All Souls Interfaith Gathering will  provide marketing services by including event information in our twice monthly newsletter, on our website, and through a Facebook event.  Registration services will be provided through a dedicated registration page provided by Network for Good, linked to the All Souls website.  All Souls will deliver a check for half the collected amount to the user upon the completion of the sponsored event.

  • Contract

  • Web presence

  • Poster

  • Facebook Event     

  • Placed into Music & Spirit Program

  • All Souls e-newsletter (twice monthly)

    Checklist for Marketing

  • editable poster (if they have one, otherwise please provide for us to make something up)

  • high quality head photo of facilitators

  • high quality photo that represents your event

  • ​brief description of event

  • brief bios for all facilitators (max 250 words)

  • copy of insurance for you file​

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