Mariko's Cheat Sheet

Cinzel #30B4A2 Size 33

Playfair Display 55

Palatino Linotype 20 Italicized / regular

EB Garamond Size 20

Wording for...

Stock Images

The regulations around use of photos needing credit are difficult to police.  Best practices: please use these sites (free source images) when looking for an image for use on our posters/publications, etc.


Of course, photos that you have taken personally or have permission to use from whomever took/made the image are absolutely ok. (Also FYI: Lisa has been making sure the photos we get from weddings all have approval from both photographer & wedding couple).


Many thanks, and let me know if you have questions.

Wedding Inquiry FY20



Thank you so much for your inquiry and for thinking of us!

All Souls is in transition to new leadership.  January 1, 2020 through the near future, we will not be leasing our facility for weddings or wedding receptions.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and  wish you success in finding a suitable location for your wedding ceremony.  Please continue to check our website for updates.  Thank you.   


Here are some alternate venues that might be of help:


Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Vineyard

The Old Lantern

Basin Harbor


Kind regards,



Rental Inquiry FY20



Thank you so much for your inquiry about renting space at All Souls.


We are currently transitioning to new leadership and are reviewing our rental process.  I would recommend filling out an application form for your workshop first and we can put you in the queue to review and respond with availability/pricing.


Here is the link to the rental application:



Kind regards,



Marketing for M&S & Other Events



Publicity for upcoming service 🕊


I am excited to be assisting getting the information out about your upcoming offering at All Souls! 

Just to give you a little update, here are the places that I have/will be putting up information:


Website (for Services)

Weekly All Souls Newsletters (Monthly Newsletters & Weekly Newsletters)

If you could kindly share with your groups/lists or any other web presence you feel people would find useful that would be wonderful!

Are there any groups/persons that I may not have thought of that might be good to extend an invitation?

Thanks so much!





🗣 This Sunday DATE! TITLE


Join us this Sunday, DATE, for our Music and Service service, "

Earlier that morning we have a Morning Meditation from 9am - 10am which will be led by NAME


All are welcome! 


All Souls is located at 291 Bostwick Farm Rd. in Shelburne, VT.  For more information on our offerings or for to check any last minute cancellations due to weather please visit our website at


Introducing to new contacts for Marketing

Hoping this finds you well — My name is Mariko and I work at All Souls Interfaith Gathering and I wanted to reach out and introduce myself.  


I have been here at All Souls for about 4 years as the office manager and marketing person and it was recommended for me to connect with you just to say hello and give you information about All Souls and what we do.  Here is a link to our website and our Facebook page for reference. 


Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Kind regards,



Monthly 'Internal' Update of Happenings

Hello All,


Passing along our March Poster to our 'internal list' as an FYI  :)  Please join us for one of these or pass along to anyone who might be interested!


Many thanks and hope you’re enjoying all this sun!




As always, here are some helpful links about happenings at All Souls:



Website - Services

Website - Events


If you would like to be excluded from these communications going forward, please let me know!

Marketing Contacts:



Laura Engelkin

email newsletter goes weekly on mondays


Evan Litwiń, MSPA [he/him]

Operations & Alumnx Initiatives | Prism Center