Oneness Blessings Circle

Every Monday 7:00pm - 8:00pm

All Souls Interfaith Gathering
In the Sanctuary
Free and Open to All


All are welcome to this weekly Circle to receive the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha. A relatively new form of an ancient phenomenon, the Blessing is a divine gift to humanity that initiates a series of beneficial changes in the brain and a flowering of the heart, leading to higher states of consciousness and an experience of grace.


Most often Hands-On Oneness Blessings are offered. Trained and initiated Oneness Blessings Givers place their hands gently on your head with the intention for the divine energy transmission to awaken you, quiet the mind, and support your experience of inner peace. Each person’s experience is unique and no effort is required from the person receiving the Blessings.


Other O&O Vermont offerings help access inner peace and strengthen our relationship with our personal Divine or sacred higher Self:

The Golden Orb Meditation is a heart-focused, direct, divine transmission. It can be easily learned, and practiced anywhere.

Prana Deeksha is a divine transmission through the ‘life force’ of the Prana Deeksha Giver.


The cumulative, collective effect of receiving the sacred energy of the Blessings is truly transformative.

Meditations and Spiritual Exercises

Every Monday 6:30-6:50 pm (starts at 6:30 sharp)
In the Meditation Room (off the Sanctuary)

A variety of meditative offerings prepare us for the Oneness Blessings at 7 pm. Each opens us, supports us to enter sacred space and brings in the presence of the Divine.


Gentle Spinal Flex Exercises to open the physical body for deeper connection to Source.

Soul Sync Meditation, a simple and powerful tool for manifesting heartfelt intentions from a sacred space. http://


Most often heart-focused meditations are offered. Other practices for opening the heart and deepening connection with Source could include chanting, breathwork and focus on chakras (energy centers).

If you have questions, please arrive a few minutes early or call:

Clare Joy (802) 233-2638 or Jennifer Grace (802) 565-0110