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Oneness Blessings Circle cancelled until further notice.
Please call Jennifer Grace at 802-565-0110 for online options and questions.

Oneness Blessings Circle  
Guided Contemplation and Meditation

Every Monday 7 - 8 pm in the Sanctuary


Our mission is to support humanity awakening into a new age where humanity and the earth thrive in harmony. Through guided meditations and practices we become aware of unconscious decisions and conditions that lead to disconnection and limit our experience of peace, love and happiness. We cultivate, support and maintain interactive relationships with that which is most sacred and opens to grace.  With shifts in consciousness we are free of the mind’s stories, free to witness life and enjoy our natural state of one consciousness.


Our weekly circle begins at 7 pm with prayer and heart-felt intentions for our loved ones or those in need, followed by guided contemplation and meditation. We offer optional warm-up practices at 6:30 pm in the Meditation Room, off the Sanctuary.


All are welcome!


Oneness Burlington


If you have questions, please arrive a few minutes early and/or

Call: Jennifer Grace (802) 565-0110


Oneness Burlington offers heart-centered experiential events that foster inner peace, happiness, well-being, creativity, connection and oneness. Our practices are based on the teachings of the Oneness/Golden Age Movement of India and supported by The Oneness Field - Ekam.

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