Our Search for Meaning

Meeting online via Zoom

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Tuesdays,  7:00pm-8:30pm by donation

Please join Rev. Barbara Benton and co-leaders Nina Regan and Allison Srinivasan for Our Search for Meaning. The group is open to all. Each week, we engage ourselves and each other in the question of mystery and meaning in our lives.  Resources for the upcoming session are listed below. 


No registration is required, donations gratefully accepted.

We are focusing on The Most Important Thing: Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life by Adyashanti


March 30: The Intersection of Love and Grace, Willingness to Trust the Unknown, An Element of Surprise, The Fundamental Realization

April 6: Challenged by the Great Sorrow of the World, Vital Moments, Deep Wisdom in Uncertainty, Life is a Series of Unknown Moments

April 13: Meeting the Buddha on the Road, The Dirty Little Secret of Spiritual Practice, Willingness to Encounter Silence, The Heart of Contemplation

April 20: No meeting today

April 27: Always Already Meditating, When the Universe Contemplates Itself, Conscious of Consciousness, Know Thyself

May 4: You are the Total Environment, Experience Prior to Thought, The Simple Joy of Being, Pristine Buddha Mind

May 11: Being Still; Exploring Birth, Life, and Death; You are the Buddha