Full Moon Movement

6:30pm - 9:00pm

  • Tuesday, April 7

  • Wednesday, May 6

  • Friday, June 5




Offered on many of the upcoming FULL moons

Cost is a sliding scale from $10- $30 (to cover space and energy)

Full Moon Movement is a dance offered for all. It is a time to dance and celebrate ourselves in bright full moon glory, but also to remember the moon is not always full and has many phases. It is a time to also dance in the darkness. Most of humanity is unwilling to look into their darkness, however this willingness to understand there is both light and darkness within all is a way to start our full healing process. Dancing in the dark also is a way to find the missing pieces of ourselves we have denied, but long for. In short our darkness also holds our gifts and what we need for true wholeness, to understand our light and a meaningful life.

This is a lightly structured event with freedom and some facilitation offered by Kim Marie Glynn. Kim Marie is a Kripalu Let Your Yoga Dance Instructor, an All Souls Interfaith minister who believes dance is a way to accessing the subconscious and works with deepening our understanding of ourselves and our souls. This evening is truly co - created by YOU! Together when we show up magic happens, let's allow it to unfold!

There is no need to know anything and all are welcome.
Bring your water bottles, comfortable clothing, and most people dance barefoot (or with socks and no black bottom shoes please- streaks our floor)

Please also contact kimglynnasig@gmail.com or glynn.kim@gmail.com for additional questions.