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Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding wedding and rentals at All Souls.

What are the specifics on the building?


Visit this page for building information and photos of the All Souls building.

How do you hold a date at your facility?


Call ASIG and check that the date you would like is available. If it is, we’ll hold the date for two weeks with no deposit. If during those two weeks another couple comes with check in hand and wants the same date, we will call the number you gave and give you 48 hours to decide if you would like the date or not.

To secure the venue for the date requested, we require a $1,400 nonrefundable deposit (which goes toward the total fee.)

What does the cost of the venue include for our wedding?


This includes the use of our first floor, the Sanctuary for the ceremony, and the grounds immediately surrounding ASIG. This also includes the items listed above in the Ceremony and Reception Information sections.

Does ASIG have an officiant we can use for the ceremony?


You are welcome to use any officiant for your wedding, memorial, or baptism you would like. Here are some we recommend and have been here in the past.  Please note that payment for these services is separate from the All Souls venue rental fee.

Rev. Susan Cooke Kittredge

Weddings, Memorials, Baptisms

Ordained United Church of Christ pastor

Contact All Souls to connect with Susan

Roddy Cleary

Weddings, Memorials, Baptisms

Contact All Souls to connect with Roddy

Kim Marie Glynn


Contact Kim Marie Glynn

How many guests does your facility hold?

All Souls Interfaith Gathering Sanctuary has seating for up to 225 for the Ceremony. And for the Reception, depending upon configuration of tables and chairs the Gathering Hall and Sun Porch can hold up to 150 seated guests for plated meals & Buffets albeit tightly; the indoor numbers could increase if doing stations.  There are also two tent sites available know that this will extend the space beyond the numbers if needed.

Besides the charges for the facility, are there any other charges I should anticipate from All Souls Interfaith Gathering?


If you are using All Souls Interfaith Gathering’s Pastor to perform your ceremony there will be a seperate $300 fee, otherwise there are no extra charges.

What time must the event end?


Events end at 10:00 p.m. unless you have prior approval to have a later end time for your event.

Can we have our wedding ceremony outside?


Yes, We have a variety of options for outdoor ceremonies including but not limited to our Labyrinth and Native American Sacred Earth Wheel.

Is amplified music allowed outside?


Yes, amplified music is allowed outdoors until 10:00pm per Shelburne Town Ordinance.

Is there an audio system in the Sanctuary?


Yes, there is a Bose sound system in the Sanctuary, which has iPod, CD, and computer capabilities. See "Ceremony Information" at the top of this page for all info on the audio system, microphones, etc.

Where may we have photographs taken?

Photographs may be taken anywhere on ASIG’s property. The Meach Cove property is available for photographs with prior approval.  Please contact ASIG staff if you would like to take photographs of All Souls property.

Does the rental fee for ceremony and reception include a rehearsal?

Yes, a day and time will be set together with you and the ASIG Event Coordinator.

What is the best way to handle site visits by our family or vendors?

Just call the ASIG office.  We will then check the schedule to make sure the building is open and available to tour and/or the staff is available to meet with you if needed.

Is there a Bridal dressing room?

Yes, it is on the first floor of the Channing House, equipped with a sink and full-length mirror, with a large bathroom located next to it.

May we hang any decorations on the walls? 

ASIG has an art gallery style hanging system throughout the Gathering Hall and Sanctuary foyer that you are welcome to use. Please ask ASIG staff for cables and instructions.

Are we permitted to use candles?

Yes, candles need to be enclosed in glass votive holders or glass hurricane lamps, and the flame needs to be below the rim.

How much parking is available at ASIG?

We have parking spaces for 100 cars as well as a mowed field located next to the driveway before the Labyrinth for all overflow parking.

Do you have designated parking for caterers and band members?

Yes, the parking lot on the north side of the sanctuary behind the Earth Space building may be used for caterers and band members.


What time will ASIG be available for set-up and how do we handle vendor deliveries and cleanup?

The ASIG staff will open up the building as needed for the wedding party and vendors.  Vendors must coordinate any deliveries and pickups needed outside of the day of the event with the All Souls' staff. ASIG space is to be left in broom swept condition, the catering staff is in charge of putting all bridal items in the bridal room.

How will any building questions or issues be addressed on the day of the ceremony & reception?

There will be an ASIG representative who will be available for questions or concerns on the day of the event.


Do you have chairs and tables available for use for my wedding?

ASIG has:

  • TWO HUNDRED green cushioned chairs in the Sanctuary for the ceremony & FIVE banquettes

  • Up to NINETY white folding chairs in the Gathering Hall for the reception (indoor use only)

  • TWELVE   5’  round tables

  • ONE 8'  half round table in the Sanctuary lobby

  • Banquet tables:

    • ONE 4ft banquet table

    • TWO 6ft banquet tables.

Note: ALL materials are for indoor use only.  Please check in with All Souls if you plan on using our chairs or tables.


Does ASIG have tent sites for outdoor ceremonies and/or receptions?

Yes, All Souls Interfaith Gathering has two tent sites available as well as additional space for a cook tent for your caterer (see our "Approved Vendors" page of our website).


Are there any limitations on the food and/or bar caterers allowed at All Souls?

Please see approved vendors list.

Is the ASIG building air-conditioned?

Yes, the venue is air-conditioned.

How many restrooms are available at ASIG?

There are four restrooms on the first floor and two on the second floor totaling six restrooms available for use at your event.

How big is the mantle over the fireplace?

76 inches x 8 3/4 inches.


How big is the bulletin and counter space by the Sanctuary entrance?

The counter is 17'' deep and 62'' long.

The bulletin board is 52 1/2'' wide by 46'' high.

Do you have a screen or projector we could use?

All Souls does have a screen and projector available for use at an additional cost.

For any further questions, email our All Souls Office at



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