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All Souls Interfaith Gathering | Blueprint 2020


Here you will be able to find information and follow along the development of the future of All Souls, which we are calling 'Blueprint 2020'!

Blueprint 2020 is a planning effort designed to clarify community values, character, and key priorities for All Souls over the next few years.  All Souls board and staff are working with Peter Cole of Cole Consulting to carry out the planning process, scheduled to be complete in February 2020, just in time for All Souls Twentieth Anniversary in April 2020.  


The Blueprint 2020 process has been intentionally designed for a broad reach to include regular attendees, prospective populations, and potential partners.  Part of our goal is to broaden our outreach into both the geographic region and the interfaith world.


External Advisory Committee – An external advisory committee is being formed to include interfaith leaders and educators across the country.  Their role will be to review recommendations from constituent groups before delivery to the Board of Directors.

Focus Groups – Four Focus Groups have been formed, one for each of the pillars of All Souls (spirit, music, environment, community).  Each group has eight to nine members composed of five people who are regularly engaged in All Souls and the remainder are persons who have capacity to grow our reach or help us partner.

Advisory Committee – A fourteen-member Advisory Committee has been formed and is meeting regularly to receive information from the survey, focus groups, and community forums.  The Advisory Committee is composed of nine persons who regularly attend All Souls and represent specific constituencies (meditation community, Music & Spirit community, Oneness community, Channing House Healers, parents, etc.).  The remainder are thought leaders from the Burlington area including small business owners, a social media influencer, Shelburne Farms, and the yoga community. The Advisory Committee will meet a total of four times and send recommendations to the All Souls Board of Directors. (see below for committee members)


Community Forums – Two community forums are being convened during the Blueprint 2020 process.  The first was held on November 13, consisting of a potluck dinner and a discussion about community values.  Sixty-two persons attended and we received valuable information about the community’s shared values, which will be incorporated into the plan.  The next community forum will be held on January 8 and will focus on community character. (see below for more information)


Online Survey – An online survey was conducted and targeted to regular attendees, as well as interested parties in the greater Burlington area.  Using the Front Porch Forum social media platform, we were successful in receiving responses from area residents who are interested but not yet involved.  The total survey response was 174, compared to approximately 100 responses for the pastor search survey last year. Survey results are being used with the various groups involved in the Blueprint 2020 process to shape recommendations.


Visit here for more information on the Blueprint 2020 Advisory Committee


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Community Discussion & Potluck

Discussion: What Makes All Souls, All Souls?

Wednesday, January 8 from 6pm - 8pm

Come gather and discuss what makes All Souls the kind of community that draws us and neighbors, far and wide, time and time again... always leaving us wanting more.  We will begin with a delicious community potluck (vegan, vegetarian & omnivore options welcome!) and will transition to a facilitated discussion resulting in actionable next steps as we build Blueprint 2020. We hope to see you then!



Missed it? Community Potluck, Dessert & Discussion: Exploring our Values

Missed it?  See the photos from the event here!

Held on Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019


What values do we hold as a collective? Join us for an engaging and exploratory evening as we take a dive into what our values are at All Souls.  We will begin with a delicious community potluck (vegan, vegetarian & omnivore options welcome!) and will transition to a facilitated discussion and exercise that is designed to hear all perspectives and to distill values we hold as a truly inter-spiritual community!  We will also be reviewing the interesting findings from our Blueprint 2020 survey.  We hope to see you then!


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