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All Souls Interfaith Gathering | Blueprint 2020


We are pleased to share with you Blueprint 2020, which will guide our work at All Souls Interfaith Gathering for the next few years. A PDF copy of the plan can be found below.

The Blueprint 2020 plan is the result of many months of hard work by All Souls community members, board, and staff.  The Advisory Committee and the four focus groups spent a great deal of time looking at data, assessing strengths and weaknesses, understanding challenges, exploring opportunities, and meeting with individuals and groups. We utilized surveys and focus groups, and held two evening forums that included a broad cross-section of our community. Many people also took the opportunity to review multiple drafts and provide feedback.

The draft of the plan was unanimously approved by the All Souls Board of Directors, and the Lead Pastor and Board Co-Chairs are taking steps to begin implementation this summer.

Blueprint 2020 was strengthened in so many ways through our community's participation over the past year.  We thank all who were involved, and are proud of the plan that we have created together. 

Now it will be important for us to stay focused on the priorities of this plan. We heard very clearly that an essential element of success will be follow-through and accountability.  Three Action Teams are working to guide implementation of Blueprint 2020, and it will be our collective responsibility to make it happen.

Once again, thank you for your work in the Blueprint 2020 planning process. And thank you for everything you do to help All Souls achieve our mission to cultivate inner peace and inspire connection with the Divine.

With love and gratitude,

Rev. Don Chatfield, Lead Pastor

Lell Forehand, Board Co-Chair

Marty Costello, Board Co-Chair

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Blueprint 2020

Click here to download the Blueprint 2020 document.

Click here to download the supplementary document (revenue assumptions guiding the blueprint process & strategy action items).

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