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Frequently Asked Questions about All Souls

Q. Is All Souls Religious?

A. All Souls Interfaith Gathering is a Spiritual Center open to all.  While we consider ourselves to be interfaith, all persons are welcome regardless of spiritual practice or affiliation (or not).  We do not have a dogma.

Q. Is All Souls a rental facility?

A. All Souls' primary purpose is to serve as a space where all are welcome to come and connect with Spirit, in whatever form spirit takes for an individual.  All Souls is also available as a rental venue for events that fall under our mission of community, environmentalism, music, and spirituality. 

Q. I would like to donate a tree, is this possible?

A. At this time we are not accepting donations.  If you wish to provide your information, we can file it for review with our Memorial & Honorary Gardens Committee at a later date.

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