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Artist Installation Proposal

Information & Ground Rules

All Souls Interfaith Gathering is a spiritual center that welcomes all. Because we believe that appreciating beauty is an important aspect of our spirituality, we welcome proposals from artists to create a one-month installation in our Gathering Hall. We are particularly interested in art exhibitions that are congruent with one of our Four Pillars:


Spirituality – All Souls supports a wide variety of spiritual expressions that emphasize connection with Divine Source and the cultivation of inner peace.


Music – We celebrate many forms of music that express the human state, ranging from sadness and grief to joy and jubilation.


Community – Because we affirm the Oneness of all, we view the world as our community. We support efforts that build community from the small-scale to the planetary.


Environment – The Earth is more than our home, it is our nurturing Mother. We are committed to loving and defending the Earth as best we can.


Does your artwork support one of these Pillars? If so, we’d love to receive your proposal to install a show in the Gathering Hall at All Souls. Please keep in mind the following ground rules:

  • Art installations are limited to no more than 20 pieces (may be fewer for large pieces).

  • We are a multi-purpose center. The Gathering Hall hosts a variety of activities ranging from group retreats to a Cub Scout Pack. You should select artwork you are comfortable displaying in a high traffic area.  Viewing hours will be consistent with All Souls office hours and when the building is otherwise open to the public.  There will be times when the building is closed for private events where the work may not be viewable.

  • All Souls reserves the right to decline artwork that we deem to be inconsistent with our message and mission.

  • Sale of artwork – For artists who have a functioning website that can accommodate sales, All Souls retains 20% of the purchase price.

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