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All Souls Interfaith Gathering | Blueprint 2020

Advisory Committee


A fourteen-member Advisory Committee has been formed and is meeting regularly to receive information from the survey, focus groups, and community forums.  The Advisory Committee is composed of nine persons who regularly attend All Souls and represent specific constituencies (meditation community, Music & Spirit community, Oneness community, Channing House Healers, parents, etc.).  The remainder are thought leaders from the Burlington area including small business owners, a social media influencer, Shelburne Farms, and the yoga community. The Advisory Committee will meet a total of four times and send recommendations to the All Souls Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Ann Smallwood
Dan York 
Deb Sherrer
Donna Peabody
Emily Chapin
Erika Schramm

Evan Webster

Heid Kvasnaah
Jody Crosby
Jonathan Harris
Noah Miller
Robin Turnau
Shawn Sweeney
Susie Baldwin

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