About Us


Our journey together began on April 11, 1999. At that time the pattern for our Sunday Music & Spirit Service began to unfold. Music plays a major role in our Sunday service because we believe that it provides a special spiritual connection. Along with music, the services combine spiritual readings and reflections on world issues and personal values, as well as Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhists, Hindu, Taoist and Native American beliefs and sacred texts.


Lead Pastor & Executive Director: Rev. Don Chatfield
Events, Marketing, Office Manager: Mariko Middleton
Minister of Service Coordination: Kim Marie Glynn

Pastor Emerita: Rev. Mary S. Abele

Board of Directors

Lell Forehand (Board Co-Chair)

Marty Costello (Board Co-Chair)

John Howe (Treasurer)

Barbara Benton (Secretary)

Michelle Lewis

All Souls Committees

Community Outreach, Environment & Caring Committee

Michelle Lewis

Services Committee

Barbara Benton

Governance & Finance Committee

Marty Costello

Lell Forehand

John Howe